Need your help

March 07, 2018

tl;dr I’m going to develop a new side project with a fellow student and where making a little survey where we need your help! 💪

You know how I said some time ago that it is great to leave the land of theory and start MAKING things? 👨‍💻 Well, after some challenges and some projects where I’ve helped out I’m now wanting to get back to CREATOR MODE 🔥 I’m also wanting to learn some new stuff. Best way? Develop a project from start to finish! So I’ve decided to go on the search for something 🔍 Until now I can only say: It will be an app project and it will be either a utility or communication tool. A fellow student and I brainstormed the past few days and came up with some nice ideas. BUT to check back if they are really worth it, we’re doing a little survey at the moment 🗒 It would be awesome if you would help us here and support us with 5 minutes of your time. More details can be found here. I will publish some news here! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via DM or Twitter!

Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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