Trying VIM

January 12, 2019

*tl;dr** heard about vim, want to learn it. But boy it’s hard to stick to it.

You know what fascinates me? People that hack like crazy on the keyboard, make lines of code appear out of nowhere and edit everything in the speed of thought. 😍 And as always when something fascinates me I want to learn this, too! 🤓 After some time I’ve found out that this magical thing that enables people to write like this is called vim. An actually pretty old editor that lives from doing everything (!) with the keyboard and customize it to exactly 100% your needs. So let’s get into this I’ve thought. Couldn’t be that hard.💪

And I was never so wrong in my life. Vim is kind of crazy and you really have to like it. 😂 It definitely has its pitfalls and you will land on your face more than one time, so did I. But I have stuck to it. There is a wonderful tool called vimtutor ( just type it in your terminal) and I did that almost every day. 🔥

But you don’t master vim from doing vimtutor every day. You need to use it. And here things began to become tricky for me. I’ve tried to edit code with vim as my main tool, but that was so damn hard! I had so many troubles getting things to work. Stuff like code formatting, language support, quick switching, autocomplete etc. And so I spent more time with config files than editing code. And soon I’ve found myself in the good old vs code. 🤷‍♂️

So for now, my vim journey failed. But I really want to come back to it! This just reminded me that it is sometimes better to start small, master step by step and make everything as easy as possible. Vim is a really amazing tool and I see the potential for myself. And maybe, 2019 will be the year I’m using vim as my main editor. At least for some time. 🚀

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