Update: 100 DaysOfReading

June 13, 2018

tl;dr I’ve finished the 100 Days Of Reading challenge and read 6 amazing books!

Ups, I did it again! Ok sorry, for the Britney reference 🙊, but fuck yeah I’ve just finished another 100Days challenge! 💪 This is such an amazing feeling! After the 100DaysOfCode last year it was now time for 100DaysOfReading 📚. What does that mean? Well, 100 days, and everyday at least on 100 of reading. In this time I’ve finished 6 BOOKS! YES! 6!!! 🤯 Never imagined that as I started this some months ago. You have to know… I’m not really a reader. So this is huge for me! Interested in my progress? Well, here you go. Let’s do a little Marvin Book Review Hour Show Thing… 🤓

  • The Thank You Economy (Gary Vaynerchuck): Great book about business dev and how to talk to customers. 4/5
  • Zero To One (Peter Thiel): One of THE startup books. Showing you how to be the one in the startup world. Sometimes just not that joyful to read. A bit harsh 3/5
  • Crush It (Gary Vaynerchuck): Gary, I love you. Everyone should read this and also Crushing It (the new one) 5/5
  • Born To Run (Christopher McDougall): Run Forest, run! Well, this was another one, but damn I love running. And this book is a hell of a run! 5/5 Favorite non fiction book by now!
  • 4 Hour Work Week (Tim Ferris): Want to become one of the New Rich? This is one of THE most named books when it comes to lifestyle design. And Tim is just a master in his craft. But this thing is a bit old now. Really want to read one of the newer ones! 4/5
  • Hooked (Nir Eyal): Just an essential when it comes to product design. Excellent value in excellent form. 5/5
  • Three Body Problem (Cixin Liu): Just started this as a fiction book, but already great!

The 100 days were really amazing. I’ve learned a ton of stuff and it will definitely not be my last challenge. Thank you for everything!🙏

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