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January 18, 2018

I’m recently designing my website and blog completely new. Really, like everything 🤯 I don’t REDO projects that often and I have to say it’s kind of intimidating at first. I mean… some people are like „a running system is better than no system“. And diving into an existing project can be overwhelming at first 🔧. Damn, I had no clue where I actually should start for 3 days and just stared at shitty code I wrote last year 🙃. But don’t let the project master you, master the project!💪 Now I’m going slowly away from the „Fuck it and tear it all down“ attitude more to a STEP BY STEP thing. Breaking things down into small pieces sounds so simple but is such a help ✅. And now? I can see progress and step by step something is happening. Really satisfied with the first results. More updates will follow!🚀 Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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