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December 04, 2018

tl;dr after my ideas, I’m also moving my to do list to Trello to get a better overview of everything!

Remember how I’ve talked about my new idea Trello board? 💡 Well, I found that so cool that I’ve decided to move all my to do things to Trello too! But I didn’t want to just add a list. 📝I rather want to bring the advantages of Trello into it and after some time I’ve created a brilliant system for myself. 🚀

I know there are a ton of templates for todo lists on Trello, but I think everybody needs to find out what is working and what not. Here is what’s working for me. I have different lists again from left to right:

  • now
  • today
  • tomorrow
  • week
  • month
  • sometime

Actually, all of them are rather self-explanatory. Every list holds several cards with to do items. The list itself just describes the point in time. Ideally, items move from right to left. But there’s one problem: „What to do with items that are done?“ 🤔 Moving them to a done list that gets longer and longer? Delete them? None of these! Every day I’m creating a new list with the date as the name. 🗓 Every item that is done on that particular day will be moved to exactly that card. At the end of the day, the card with the date is moved to my „done“ board where all checked items find their place ✅. And after some time I hope to see some magic here and more and more finished items.

All in all this process works like crazy for me, because I can plan the week, month and upcoming day at once and see everything at one glance. 👀 Bonus: Trello has some powerful tools that can be used, too. But for now, let's stay basic and kick ass! Hope you find that useful.

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