Tiny habits

February 21, 2018

tl;dr Tiny habits are awesome. Start step by step if you want to build a new habit. Don’t go all-in and get overwhelmed.

February is usually the time most of the people drop their new year resolutions. In the past years, I was also one of them. BUT. I’ve found a pretty awesome technique now to overcome that 💪 TINY HABITS 🧠 The concept is heavily influenced by BJ Fogg (just google 'tiny habits‘) if you want to read more about it. Basically, you built a new habit not from 0 to 1, rather you do it gradually📈 Example? I want to build a daily reading habit. If I would say to myself: ‚You must read 50 pages every day!‘ I would answer after maybe two days with a polite ‚Fuck this shit‘ and I would drop everything. By building a tiny habit you start with only 1 page, then you read 2, the next day or week 3 and on and on. With that, you ensure some nice feeling of success which will keep you motivated. And at some point in time, you’re just in the zone and read the whole fucking thing in ONE SESSION 📚 Actually I’ve built my whole website redesign based on tiny habits. The first few days I’ve coded just for 10 minutes, then 20, 30… quickly I was at 1 hour and after some while I did not think about the time at all and somehow got in the MAGIC ZONE 👨‍💻 I will definitely use the concept of tiny habits more often in future to build new habits and reshape old ones. Try it out, you can only win.

Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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