Thinking in components

January 08, 2019

tl;dr thinking in components reduces complexity and focuses on the core values. For the whole process of making.

Alright! Let’s kickstart 2019! 🚀 The first few days were dedicated to getting back into work mode, coding and thinking about tools. 🤔Actually, I’ve thought about a new side project which will get a dedicated time slot on my calendar for 2019! That will be pretty interesting! 🎉 But far more interesting is the thing I’m thinking about interfaces lately. I’ve discovered this „new way of thinking“ on myself and now I want to tell you about it because I really really like it. And besides the efficiency, it is astonishing simple. Thinking in components. 🏗

Yep, that’s it. I know, I know… It’s not crazy. Especially in times where nearly everyone has a React tattoo somewhere on their body. But if you think about this way of thinking in components you can break it down to essential parts and transfer it to so many aspects. I’m currently developing the idea of a new project. All by components. Start simple, combine, build on top… control the complexity. That’s what it's about. I think this whole idea comes from the nature of React, which is currently also my favorite tool when it comes to building prototypes and applications. There is also a brilliant post about this aspect in the React documentation, but let’s go one step back. 🤓 Some time ago, the core of the application was the interface for me. And everything was dedicated to the interface. I’ve always thought about pages. And that has one major problem. Complexity. 🤯 And by thinking in components I can control this complexity way better! Thinking about the small parts of an interface. About their tasks, functions, and data breaks the whole process of creating down to a simpler level which is also clearer in terms of understanding the architecture and structure. More and more tools adopt this way of thinking nowadays and I think the component based building, not only design, will have an extraordinary year. All in all no rocket science, but hey. Sometimes small perspective shifts can cause wonders. 👏

Have a great start in 2019 and keep Creating ✌️

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