In the land of theory

October 15, 2017

Knowledge is power. I think you've heard that sentence so many times. And in some ways, it is actually true, for sure. I mean if you know more than other people, you have a wider field of actions to take, more choices and you can make better decisions. But somehow this concept of knowledge as the most powerful resource does not fit in the year 2017 for me. Let's grab the reading glasses and explore this topic further!

Wise men do wise stuff. Isn't it so?

As you might know, I've started the studies for my Master Degree a few months ago. For quite some time now I'm heading to university daily, reading tons of dusty books and doing the stuff students do. Learning. For what? To get good grades. You see? This is also the knowledge is power concept. Applied to the real world.

Sure you can think now, oh awesome concept, let's study a lot to get better in everything. But I would say that this is a big mistake. I would also go one step further and say that the knowledge is power concept does not work in the year 2017. And here is why.

The theory person

Let's imagine a person. Studies a lot, reads a lot of books and for every question he has an answer. For some people, this sounds great and they feel very comfortable in this kind of position. For others not. I would count myself to the other half. Because you have always one big problem when your theoretical knowledge is bigger than your practical knowledge. Execution.

For someone like me, who loves it to create stuff out of nothing, this is essential!

Get out there!

I totally understand it that you maybe need some basic knowledge of theory. So that you're actually aware of what you're doing. But I think spending nights with towers of books and papers to read does not make you to a master of your art. And that thought doesn't stick to computer science. You can apply it to nearly everything. Design, art, wood works, hair cutting, driving. The list is endless.

Sure I know that I have to setup my app architecture in this or that way, but does this really matter if I can never apply this knowledge? It is awesome to know that this color palette has a special psychological effect, but I have to bring this thing to life, too. You need to know this basic steps in the new project management framework. Great but maybe some other stuff outside the framework crosses your plans. And now what?

What I'm trying to say here is that it always comes down to one thing. Experience You try something out. You fail. You learn. You adjust it.You try it again. It works. This is how you become a master of your art. Apply stuff. Create stuff. Explore stuff. Learn how the stuff works in the real world. Books tell you oftentimes some polished up version of reality. Learn how thinks are really working.

More experience!

Don't understand me wrong. I'm not saying that all the university stuff, book reading, and learning is bullshit. That is not true. Rather you should look at this in some different way. All you get out of books and all the stuff you hear in lectures of smart people are just tools. It lies in your hand to use these. And this is my recommendation. Apply those tools.

Do side projects, contribute to other projects, ask where you can help. This will bring you forward. And this will make you a master in your art. Forget about knowledge is power... Doing is power. And now go out, and create awesome stuff.

Thank you for reading this.

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