Symbioticon 2018

December 02, 2018

tl;dr went to a hackathon again, learned a ton of stuff and revolutionized the piggy bank 🐷

Guys, I’ve found something out last week. I really love hackathons 😍 I don’t know why. The idea of hacking through the night and feeling like a zombie next day sounds like a nightmare first, but damn! That energy that you get when you’re working on your idea and really want to put it out in the world is staggering! 🚀 But enough from that! Last week I went to the Symbioticon Hackathon in Frankfurt 🇩🇪 The whole event took place within a larger conference the FI Forum. And boy, the people there know how to throw good hackathons. For 3 days we had an amazing space with professional baristas, cozy lounges, amazing API partners, cool moderators, and so many more things! 😱 For me, it was the first time not hacking with my well-known buddies 😭 But no worries, I’ve met great people there who knew so many more things than I do 😂 And together we made a damn good party out of it!

After some initial team building and brainstorming, 🧠 we’ve decided on our challenge. Oh btw. maybe it’s nice to know that the whole hackathon was themed for finance and fintech ideas. So get your hands dirty with some numbers! After one final night of good sleep, 🛌 it was HACKING TIME! 27 hours from then full of code and design 👾. I went for the designer and front-end developer part again, created cool stuff, got great feedback from other teams and then made a deep dive into vuejs and learned again new stuff there. Our idea? Revolutionizing the piggy bank for young people and families. All in all, it was really great! With nearly 200 participants and 36 teams, it was a hell of an event. But enough for now. I will tell you more in my Zwei zu Zweit podcast with David. Hear you then! 👋

Thanks to every single one who made the event possible. I will not even try to name all the folks because I will forget someone for sure. Keep it up. It was a feast 🎉

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