Summer Breaks

August 07, 2019

tl;dr The summer months are such an exciting time. And it’s the best moment to refuel and focus on the rest of the year

Dude! It has been a while. Really! 🤯 The last post was almost 2 months ago, so you’re maybe thinking about what I was up to all the time? Hiding in a cave and working on secret projects? 🤓 Nah, not really… Well, I didn’t do anything, that’s for sure. But summer is always the time to step back a bit 😴. I’ve done this last year because of a very exhausting phase at university and work. This time it’s just to get some momentum rolling again, reflect on the first half of the year, and focus on what to come 💪. That’s summer. Relaxing a bit, trying out new things and finding new passions. For me, that’s triathlon and biking this summer. A few weeks ago, I did my first triathlon, and it was such an amazing and at the same time frightening event. But hey, getting out of that comfort zone, right?

Stepping back for some time also has fascinating effects on my creativity. Sometimes your creativity tank is just empty, and it needs to refuel somehow. And a few nights ago, I was totally in the creator mode again. Banging out lines of code, learning new frameworks, and designing new applications. BUHJA! 🚀

So, what’s next? Well, first of all, I really, really want to finish the redesign of my website. That really needs to be done! And in a few weeks, I’m starting my Master Thesis about digital nudging. Additionally, I have some reeeally cool projects from work to share with you guys. So make sure to come back! 👏

Enjoy summer… and afterward

Keep Creating ✌️

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