Thoughts about summer

July 23, 2018

tl;dr summer is an amazing time! Taking some time off now and come back with full energy!

Oh boy, those sunny and hot days, ice-cold drinks and semester holidays 🍹. Yep, that’s summer. Actually, after my second semester ended I was 100% full-on maker mode and I already had 5-8 project ideas in my head that I’ve wanted to develop over the summer 🤓. A university project here, some nice work projects there, oh and 2 to 3 side projects on the other hand. But you know what? I’ve found out that it is sometimes good to take a break from all that hustling and making 🙊. And that’s what I’m doing currently. Well, of course, I’m not sleeping the whole day and just hanging in my pajamas for several weeks (dude I would be dying from boredom) but I’m rather focusing on other stuff besides making digital products.🌶

For example, I’ve started 2 podcasts recently 🎙. Yes, that’s also a bit time consuming but it’s something I’ve never done before and I always wanted to do. So it’s a great variety I’m getting here. Also, I’m really in full-on triathlon training mode. Collecting more and more miles per week 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️. I’m also paying far more attention to my health by living a plant-based lifestyle🌱. And you know what? All those things are really refreshing! Sometimes it’s just good to take a break. Put the laptop away, don’t think too much about stuff and refuel. And then come back stronger than ever, when you want to. Because passion is always what keeps you going. 🙏

Keep Creating ✌️

But also take some breaks from time to time ☀️

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