Small steps done right

May 13, 2018

tl;dr Have a vision, write down your goals and connect it to little actions.

I NEED SOMETHING TO DO 🔥. I’m one of those persons that always needs something to do. Not in that ‚oh fuck man I’m so burned out‘ way. Rather in a ‚I want to learn and develop myself‘ way 🤓. I just don’t like the feeling of sitting around and being unproductive. That’s why I have always a goal in my head. Also very stupid and simple goals like for example: 'Read two books this month‘ or ‚get better with React Native‘. I just found it very helpful to visualize your goals ✍️. The next step is to write down easy little actions to archive those goals. The most important thing for me is here, to make the steps and actions reaaaally small and easy. So that there is always some kind of success experience that will keep you motivated. And magically… if you set a goal and take small and little actions towards that goal, you somehow achieve the goal. Sounds relatively easy, right? 🚀

To make sure I get everything right I’m writing my goals down every single month and check back with the ones from the month before. To avoid this feeling of idleness, I find some kind of fallback to dos relatively useful. But that’s another story. Now just get out, and make small little steps towards your goal! 💪

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