Sideprojects incoming

February 01, 2018

I’m playing with the thought of a nice, little new side project for a longer period of time now. But you know, I’ve mastered procrastination over the years… BUT THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! 🚀 Felt very good and energetic in the first month of 2018. Sth is happening here 🤙 The hardest thing for me is to choose a side project and stick to it. I’m writing down every little idea, even if it's totally unrealistic. That has led to a variety of project ideas… and I think, know I have 2 things that fulfill my criteria. Learn something and have fun! 🤓 LET’S DO THIS! Oh but first I need to crawl back to my pile of books and study for the last university exam this semester. 📚 Updates on my tricky side project journey are coming soon. Pinky promise. Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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