A short update

April 22, 2019

tl;dr taking a break from writing and focusing on the final part of university. Oh and I’m re-doing my site here!

Puh, boys, and girls! It has been a while since I have last written something here 🙈 But don’t worry, I’m fine. Very fine actually 💪 Last time I’ve told you that I’m starting to write a literature review for my upcoming master thesis. Well, I have really focused on that thing, and now I’m finally finished👏 The topic of digital nudges was super, and I have learned a ton of new stuff. Especially about all the scientific process behind the papers and the topic of doing research. And it’s really not easy! You really have to think twice if you're doing something. So for someone like me, who just one to ship stuff that was sometimes a bit difficult. But let’s see how I will get through it. 😂

Even though that challenge is done, the next ones don’t wait much. The last lecture and case study in my student life comes closer, and I’m learning a ton of stuff about innovation management 🚀 A ton of things that I can immediately apply in my real life by building a little innovation hub for insurtech. But that’s a story for the next time 📰

In the meanwhile, I’m also planning to redesign the whole place here and build it from the ground up. That will be exciting! If you want to learn more about that, make sure to check out my podcasts. 🤓

Anyways, I need to get back to work now. Talk to you soon! Keep Creating! ✌️

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