February 05, 2018

Back in summer 2017 I did a big redesign of my website 🖥. At the same time I’ve started regular blogging just to try some things out. And I have to say… I’m really enjoying it! I’m doing bi-weekly blog posts around different topics. But somehow, the quality I’m expecting of these posts was missing in the last weeks. 📉 It’s hard to find time besides studying, working, hobbies and side projects. That’s why I’ve decided to do a little shift on my blog. I STOPPING the bi weekly posts 🤯. Wow, slow it down. Of course I’m NOT stopping to do the blog. Rather I’m trading QUALITY FOR QUANTITY. In short that means: Fewer posts, but longer and more valuable. 😏

Because of a missing recurring theme or purpose I’ve also decided to shift a little on that. I thought about what I could write about. Because auf my short professional experience and my ongoing Master’s Program I’m not really in a GURU position where I can shoot out wisdom. But what I can tell you about is my journey. Things I’m learning at university, at work or from my side projects. Talking about my experiences and the things I’m trying out. 🤓 The new course is set, let’s do this! 🚀 More details can be found on my new blog post! Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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