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January 28, 2019

tl;dr life in the digital world is a scary thing. I’ve started to learn more about it and did a few things to be more private and safe online.

We’re there now. And if you’re reading this, you’re there, too. Online. 🌎 We do so many things online and work so many hours per day with our phones and laptops that our online life has become quite important to us. And important things should be protected, right? 🔒 That’s why it’s actually a pity that so many people are affected by stuff like account hacks, password leaks and and and… In the new year, I really want to learn more about all this security stuff, because in the past it was like a ‚ I don’t care‘ topic for me. And that is not good! 👎 So I’ve started digging deeper and found some resources that helped me a lot! For example the hackable podcast by McAffe. Today, I’ve leveled up my security game like on different aspects. And here are some things I’m doing now: 🚀

  • Using a password manager, because it makes everything related to passwords so much easier and gives you alerts if some passwords a compromised
  • Using 2 Factor Authentication where possible. That increases the level of security like nothing else
  • Creating a strong device passcode. 6 numbers and characters are safe now
  • Encryption for all devices, backups and hard drives
  • Change DNS to
  • Use a privacy-first browser and stop all tracking
  • Use DuckDuckGo as a privacy-first search engine
  • Using a more secure mail like Proton Mail
  • VPN for public WiFi
  • Review all permissions to camera and mic
  • Cover that webcam!
  • Educate about phishing
  • Keep everything up to date
  • Use encrypted messaging services

Sure, that’s a ton! And in the end, everybody has to decide for themselves how secure they want to live. I’m aware that those things above are not bulletproof. But it’s something. A step in the right direction. 👏 I’m thinking in a new way about security and privacy now. And maybe, you should review some of your settings, too. Be a victim is never good. 💩 Keep Creating ✌️

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