Saving every thought

April 14, 2018

tl;dr Using some kind of output and ‚external brain‘ makes me more productive and I can focus better

Your brain is quite powerful, you know? 💪🧠 Well, actually it is one of the most powerful parts of the body and needs A LOT of energy. Your brain can also store an amazing amount of useful information 💡 But sometimes, it seems just full and overloaded. I’m no scientist at all and rather a computer nerd, but sometimes I think of it like a hard drive 👾 And like every hard drive, you need to maintain and take care of it. Just make SOME SPACE for the really important things.

That’s why I’ve decided already some time ago that I’ll put EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT on paper or a notebook. I have a TO DO LIST for every single day, with the most stupid and most simple things ✍️ Sometimes I think ‚ahh, you will remember that later‘. Nope, Marvin, you’re wrong. Write it down, make room in your brain for the important stuff. And you know what. Magically I can focus better and use my brain for the things I need it the most. Thinking 👍

Keep Creating.Peace✌️

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