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May 06, 2018

tl;dr It’s happening! I have a podcast!

Remember how I’ve posted several times about how I want to start something new or thought about recording a podcast? 🙊 Well, HERE IT IS! 🔥 I’ve started already last week with recording a little intro episode with an introduction but now I have my very first episode online! This feels so amazing! I’m so excited for the first feedback and I can't wait to dive more into this topic I’m so in love with! ❤️

And what about the content? Well, first of all it’s still German 🇩🇪. That has a simple reason. I’m by far more comfortable with talking in German. But of course I want to train my English skills and maybe, one day I will also publish the podcast in English. 🚀 But for all the non-English speaking folks out there. Don’t be worried. The podcast will almost have the same content as the blog. It’s just another medium for me where I will document my journey as a digital pioneer. 🤓

Oh and hold on. I even have another podcast now with an amazing friend! Check it out. It’s called 'zwei zu zweit‘ 🙌

You can listen to all of my podcasts on or even subscribe via iTunes, or whatever app you use!

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