100 Days of push ups

February 20, 2019

tl;dr did another 100 day challenge. 100 Push-ups for 100 days. Crazy journey that told me a lot about building habits and establishing routines

As you might already know I’m a big fan of the #100DaysOfX challenges. The main idea behind those is doing one thing that you want to establish in your everyday life for 100 days. Back in 2017 I’ve started doing this with #100DaysOfCode (which was amazing). In 2018 I did #100DaysOfReading and established an amazing reading routine. In the end of 2018 I wanted to dig deeper and give myself a little sports challenge. And with that idea #100DaysOfPushUps was born. I know, the whole idea is pretty old. But I did not do it for the „OMG I did a crazy body transformation“ part. I really wanted to focus on the habit building part.

So I’ve started with the first few days. Sure, 100 push-ups can sound crazy at first and it’s really not easy to do for everyone. Fortunately, I’m doing bodyweight training for a few years now, so this should not be a big problem. But doing it for 100 days straight… that’s another story. And that’s what I’ve learned right from the start. The first few days were easy, but after some time the body needed a rest. Additionally I’m training for my first big triathlon. All that led to some rest days where I only did 30 or 50 push-ups. But you know… never miss twice! That’s why I’ve always went back to 100. It was also funny how the push-ups evolved… first they were whole workouts, but after some time they were only a normal set or addition to the workout or run. Crazy how the body can adapt in such a short time.
Besides the physical aspect, also the mental one is important. And 100 pushups can also be one thing… boring. That’s why it’s important to mix things up. Pyramid sets, 10x10, 5x20, max sets, variations… everyday something different. But at the same time, it is helpful to establish a routine. I’ve worked a lot with habit chaining here and just added the push-ups to my normal morning routine. Works brilliant.

Anyways… as always I’ve learned a ton of stuff from those 100 days. Things about my physical capabilities, mental strength, habits, keeping stuff interesting, motivation and of course: push up variations. I can only encourage everybody to start a 100 days challenge. It doesn’t have to be about push-ups or sports, but just keep doing something for 100 days. And I’ll guarantee you, every day you will be 1% better than the day before. And that’s what keeps me going. Being 1% better, step by step.

You can find out everything about my journey on my twitter profile. Keep Creating ✌️

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