Do you even pseudo?!

January 25, 2018

I‘m recently studying for an exam at university in large scale data management (pretty interesting stuff btw 👌) and found myself writing tons of pseudo code. You know... that weird things on paper that should represent some lines of code 🖥 This is a very common thing at my university. Pseudo code should actually represent the structure and logic of your code. Which is actually a pretty cool thing. It’s basically like a sketch of your design on paper 📝. Only with code... Is that legit? 🤔 I mean... how do I know if this is even working. And when I’m writing the code on paper... why not hammering it out on the keyboard and test it right away... I’m confused 🤯 Well but I have to get back to studying and write some more pseudo code 🙃 Do you write pseudo code too? What do you think about it? Anyway, Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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