One year of podcasting

May 15, 2019

tl;dr after one year and 50 episodes of podcasting I’m taking a little break. This experiment has taught me so many things. Thank you for everything!

Remember, remember? One year ago, I decided to start a podcast. Just like that. I’ve grabbed my little recorder and just talked for 10 minutes straight into that thing 🎤 In the end, I’ve said that next week I’ll be back with a new episode. And that’s how the podcast was born 🚀 Week after week I’ve tried to come up with something interesting to share. And let me tell you… filling 10 - 20 minutes of silence with your own voice is not an easy thing 🙈 The beginning was super hard! But week after week and episode after episode I’ve felt more and more confident when talking into the little mic in front of me. During the time I have also changed the concept and structure of the podcast. All the time I’ve tried new things until I have found a structure that suits me. From topic based episodes to a newsletter format until a colorful mix of everything. The podcast evolved. And I think that’s a good thing. With every episode, I have learned new things, discovered new topics and tried something out 🧠

Now, after 50 episodes and one year of podcasting, it’s time to do a little review. Despite having a ton of fun and learning a lot, hosting a podcast is a very time-consuming thing. One hour for recording, two to three hours preparation and 1-hour post-production. In the end, I have around 2000 downloads after 1 year. Without any advertisement and posts about the episodes. But I don’t care about numbers 🤷‍♂️ For me, this thing is just an experiment. An opportunity to learn something new and get out of the comfort zone. But after one year it’s time to rethink everything. Is it still the right concept. What can I do better? Is the podcast right for me? I also want to put more focus on my blog again and on some side projects. That’s why I’m making a break. This does not mean that I’m entirely stop podcasting. Never ever! I’m still doing the ‚zwei zu zweit‘ podcast with a good friend, and I will definitely come back sometime in the future 💪

But now it’s time to say THANK YOU. For every single one that listened to one of the episodes, to every single one that shared the podcast, to every single one that got in touch with me through this awesome medium. Thanks for teaching me so many lessons 👏

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