Try new things

October 29, 2017

You have a new project. You are so hyped for it and want to jump straight into the work and start creating. But as you are trying to start, the screen remains white. No cool boxes with fancy colors. No lines of colorful code on black backgrounds. You stuck. And you just don't feel that creative. There is something that blocks you and you don't know why. Well, I recently found a good recipe for that kind of illness. So, let's grab the reading glasses, make some of that good green tea and start exploring!

Look left, look right

I don't like it to build up a long text to just for a one-sentence conclusion and a cute little advice. So I'm going to start with that advice right now and argue why it is really important!

And I mean this with a 100% positive intention. I found it really important to have a wide view on things. That means that you always try different stuff. Sure it is nice to have some kind of routine and oftentimes this is also pretty productive. But don't let it going to be one of those boring routines you don't enjoy. Because this will lead to demotivation and you won't find a flow of creativity that easily.

Pop your bubble

In the times of social media and personalized feeds everywhere it is easy to get into some kind of bubble. That you only will see things you know and you like. Pop that bubble! Keep that aura of learning and surround yourself with it. Be curious, ask why and try things out!

I think this quote is essential. I'm trying a lot of new things myself. Reading a book that does not fit my regular genre, watching a different movie, waking up earlier, learning a new language, trying out new kind of sports and a lot of more crazy stuff. And I found out that this really helps me and my creativity. You can learn so much from different viewpoints. Use them and apply them to your art. This will make you a better creator, I'm sure. And hey, maybe you find yourself a new passion! And now, let's go out there and create awesome stuff.

Thank you for reading this!

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