More with less

March 25, 2018

tl;dr Trying to live more minimal now and also transfer this to building products

How much stuff do you own? Well, I’ve asked myself this question this week and my answer was: A fucking lot 🤯 Actually too much if you would ask me. Duplicates everywhere in closets and cupboards. And only stuff that I don’t really use anymore. And the WORST: It always gets more and more 😱 BUT I’m trying to make a change now. How? By trying to live a more minimal live in every possible aspect. Not always buying more and more stuff, rather questioning. Do I have something like this? Do I really need it? Does it bring value to my life? 🤔 Made amazing first steps already and get rid of a ton of things. 💪

And as I think more and more about this concept of a minimal life I found myself applying this mindset to building digital products and designing them 👨‍💻 You know the saying: ‚Good is as little design as possible‘. Well, I think this is more than true. Ask yourself if this element will bring a better productivity. Does it enhance the functionality? Or does it rather distract? Don’t put another gradient here and there. Don’t follow temporary trends. Focus on the core. Focus on the things that are important. And somehow, the way gets a lot clearer. 🙏 Amazing how you can achieve more with less.

Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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