May 2020

June 04, 2020

tl;dr Started reading 4 books at once, got back to coding, and became a caffeine addict. Yep. May was fun!

As already announced, May was rather a quiet month for me. The focus was on recovering a bit from the last weeks and doing a bigger review. After all, the first half of the year is almost over now. A perfect moment to take a step back and have a look at the goals. Anyways, what happened in my world this month?

Results & Insights

First of all, let's take a look into the world of books. Surprise, surprise. I have not finished the book I have mentioned last time. Company of One is still in progress, but it's a very good read so far. The funny thing is that I've started reading 3 other books. Yup... 4 books at a time. It sounds crazy, but it works pretty well. Two of them are audiobooks. Crushing it by Gary Vee and How Not to Die by Michael Greger. I usually listen to them while doing other things like working out, cycling, taking walks, or doing chores. The last book is on my Kindle and it's a speed reading book by Tony Buzan. This one is by far the biggest win, yet. The recommended techniques really help me in reading faster and at the same time increasing my level of comprehension. You have to know... I'm actually a very slow reader and subvocalize almost every single word. I really want to work on this, so I thought to pick this one up might be a good idea. And until now, it is! Switching between books is actually very easy. The Kindle allows you to take almost every book from your shelf wherever you want and the audiobooks make boring works and quiet hours far more enjoyable. Now it's time to really get into the books and ticking them off, one by one!

The thing I'm most proud of is that I've finally picked up the work on my personal website again. Yep, this little place here! And it will change a bit in the future. Currently, I'm in the progress of adding headless cms to the site, to make editing the contents a lot easier. And besides that, I'm also going to restructure some of the things a bit. Especially the monthly reviews. I'm really falling in love with the idea of building an incrementally correct personal website. So keep your eyes and ears open and make sure to check out the site in the future again. Oh, and I have also a newsletter, where you can keep up to date with everything around me.

Another thing, I've started this month is giving lectures. Yep, I just finished my master thesis and already giving lectures. But I really enjoy the work with a young and motivated audience. The lecture is about software engineering. A topic I'm really passionate about and I have to say... while creating the lecture content, I've also learned a ton of stuff! The funny thing is, that currently no on-side lectures are taking place at university. So the complete course is taking place online and 100% remotely. A few months backs, nobody would have said that this is possible in Germany. Okay, sometimes it's not working totally smooth, but it works. At the same time, I've now the opportunity to contribute to a scientific paper which deals with nudging in insurance products, which is actually the topic of my master thesis. It's a very nice project and the possibility to contribute to a real scientific research stream is fascinating! Let's see how this will continue over the next month.

But actually, the most important thing for me in May was taking some time off. From time to time the workload can be overwhelming. At these points, taking a break and some days off is usually a very good idea. For myself, I always love to reflect on past things and try out some new stuff. This time it was coffee. But not the easy coffee machines where you just have to press a button and everything works perfectly. No! I mean the real world of coffee. Selecting the beans, grinding them, measuring every little detail, and brewing the whole thing by hand. A super interesting hobby that totally got me hooked. Only stupid thing... now it's time for a caffeine break! But hey, after those little breaks I'm coming back stronger and more motivated. So now it's time to tackle some work!

What's up for next month?

Well as you might have already guessed, I will try to read a lot more the next month. I'm super stoked about the results of the speed reading course and how this will transfer to my reading habits. Besides that, I will be totally occupied by another little private project. Moving out. Creating my own little safe place and household will be a challenge, but I'm super excited about it. And honestly, IKEA is my best friend right now. Updates will follow!

In the world of work, a few new projects are starting and I'm thrilled to support with my knowledge. I'm also doing more teaching and lecturing this month. Education is currently a big thing and an area where a lot of things will change in the future. It's cool to be a part of it and contribute something here. Speaking of contributions, it's also time to really get back to coding! And I mean really, really. I want to finish the small fixes on my website and build some things around it. It's a cool project, but I really need to be more consistent in working on it. Maybe it's also time for another 100 Days of ... challenge. But let's see how this will look at the end of the month.

Keep Creating ✌️

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