March 2020

April 02, 2020

tl;dr the month flew by and the world is upside down. I've finally gained traction over my focus again and learned a lot of great things in a new book.

Boy, oh boy. This was a month, that was totally not planned as it went. Starting with perfect recovery and making great progress on building something new, the world has went upside down and everything is changing constantly. I won't mention the C word here on this blog, but you probably know what I mean. Anyways, let's close this confusing and eventful month and get to the next monthly review!

Results & Insights

The current situation worldwide has changed a lot in our ways of working. In mine, too. Since the second half of March, I'm working from home. That was totally not planned, but looking back, it has taught me many great lessons about my style of working and living. Last time I've mentioned that I'm currently struggling a bit with focusing and getting in the flow state. The book I've read this month was the best problem solver I could get! Indistractible by Nir Eyal teaches you how you become the master of your attention and gain traction over your life again. And you know what? It works pretty well! The complete book is very practical written with a lot of things you can adapt directly to your life. The thing that really works for me right now is making a time-boxed, weekly plan. I've listed all the different areas in my life (mostly those at work) and dedicated them to specific time slots. This way I've now scheduled time for learning something new, working on my blog and being available for meetings. But here is the real banger: I'm only checking emails twice a day. Yep, that's right. I'm in the progress of ultimately saying goodbye to the constant pings and buzzes of notifications that show you a new mail. Email was definitely the number one thing that has distracted me in the past and now I'm slowly gaining control again. In the morning I'm skimming through emails and label them according to their priority. Either they get in a folder called today or week. In the afternoon I have a time slot of 60 minutes to answer everything in one batch. My personal system is still in development, but I can already feel some benefits. If you want to find out more about this approach just contact me via Twitter. I can also recommend the book Indistractible. Brilliant read!

Overall, I'm also very productive in the home office environment. I can well imagine working full-time remote at some point. Not having a constant distraction through meetings and small talk in the office really increases my productivity and output. Only downside: It's super hard to shut down in the evening or afternoon. That is a thing I really need to work on.

At work, I've also started a new job which I'm super excited about! I'm now building technical innovation in the world of insurance. There are a lot of things to do, but it will never get boring. That's for sure. I've also written a long-form blog post about this new journey. I would be more than happy if you would take some time to check it out!

In the world of sports, I've said goodbye to running for now. I don't know why but currently I'm totally hooked by road and gravel cycling. I've finally ordered a new bike and I'm ready to hit the roads and discover new placed. But for now... let's stay at home and keep social distance.

Next Month

Making plans for the next month right now is unbelievable difficult. Currently, nobody really knows how the situation will evolve in the next few weeks. As always I will definitely try to read a new book this month, but I'm still on the search for a new diamond. So if you have any recommendations, feel free to shoot them out! Shipping my thesis finally would be nice, too. The problem is that the offices at the university are closed right now and I have to wait until I can deliver my last scientific project.

Additionally, I'm going to finalize one little freelance project. The first project where I've done a complete design and branding concept for a young startup. I'm also planning to write more about that project and the things I've learned.

Oh, and in the end, I'm really planning to take some time off. The past few weeks were really intense and exhausting. Taking a break, stepping back and refueling the tanks is a good idea right now. But I will be back next month.

Have a great month!

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