Learning through writing

April 29, 2018

tl;dr The best way to learn something new is to write about it.

The amount of information you are processing each day is unbelievable high, you know that?! A book here, an article there, a little video and maybe a podcast from time to time. 🤯 Everywhere you are confronted with information. I’ve already said something about SAVING EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT. 💪 That’s actually a nice concept, but sometimes you need to process more complex information or even knowledge. 🗞 Well, sometimes this can be pretty hard and I’ve struggled a long time with that, but like a lot of other things, there is a VERY SIMPLE solution… Writing. 📝 If you want to learn something, just write about it. This sounds so simple but works wonders for me. I just need to deal with the topic in a deeper way, process information and output it in my kind of words. And then, it magically sticks in my head. 🧠 And actually, this is what this blog and journal are for. My journey in learning. In different fields of sports, health, productivity and digital products. Have a wonderful day, and write something. It will help you, for sure.

Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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