It's Launch Day, Baby

February 15, 2018

tl;dr launched my new website, and I’m hyped for upcoming projects.

Finally! 🙏 After some time in my little screator cave, I’m coming out with something in my hands and very satisfied with the result! 🤙 Don’t worry, it’s no Frankenstein monster. IT IS MY NEW WEBPAGE! firework sound 🎇 In the last 2 months I’ve invested a lot of time in the redesign of my digital home and learned a ton of stuff here! The last look and feel of my page was okay, but not that great. And because of some shifting with my content, I needed something new. I’ve procrastinated a long time here but some wise man said once: „The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.“ BAM! 💣 Over the months I’ve built up some tiny habits that grew step by step to an entirely new site, crafted 100% per hand. I’m so excited for the next time, how the feedback will be and how I will fill this place with content. Explore the place and have fun!

Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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