My Journey with design

August 20, 2017

Last time I've told you something about my journey with the code and how I got into all of this stuff. So the story of the other fascinating part is still missing. But don't worry we will dive into this today, where we will explore the beautiful world of sketching and creating. In short. Let's explore design!

Why design?

As already mentioned I've started coding mainly because of curiosity. Because I wanted to understand things. After some time I've created my first little projects and the feeling of pushing something out with just some lines of code is amazing. But something was missing. Something didn't work the way I've wanted. Or to be clearer... some things didn't look the way I've wanted. For a long time, I've seen coding as the only key to creating the thing I've wanted to archive. But there was more. I mean... What do you get out of the best software when it is horribly designed. I knew that there must be a balance between the content and functionality itself and the look and feel of a digital product. And to seek this balance was my goal. So I've needed to learn more!

Entering a new universe

For always I'm someone who loves good looking things. But not only the look is critical for the success of a product. Also, it's functional design. Well designed things are really awesome and fascinating to me. As a big fan of minimal design approaches, I love it when things are simple, easy to use and still good looking. The main question was... how to archive this? How to do a concept and a design of my own projects and products so that they follow these principles that were important for me. And I've noticed... I've stepped in a new universe. And I'm in love with it since day one.

Shortly after I've thrown myself in some basic design theory. Reading, trying things out, design something, getting feedback. And again. Figuring out how things are working. How things have to look. And how things have to feel (in a digital way).

My first design project at university was the design and front end side of coding of a dashboard that gives some information about stocks and companies. Afterwards, I've designed some websites and app ideas that I've had in my head. I've also designed my own website. his place here. Actually, I have to say that this place is my little playground. For trying out new things. So don't be shocked if this place looks totally different in some time (and as I now myself, it definitely will). For me, the design part of all this creative process of digital products is a lot of fun and often times the place where the real magic happens. It is such an amazing variety to coding and I could definitely imagine getting a job in the field of UI or UX design in the future. In my current position, I'm already doing concepts of little app prototypes and ideas, but there is no real design team in my company (which is a pity).

Learning, learning, learning

To be honest. I wouldn't call myself a real designer with a background in graphic design or some stuff like that. I've taught everything myself and I'm still in a very early stage. I still have to learn a ton of stuff in the design universe but I know that the journey will be epic. It is such a fun part and I love the creative side of this work. And I'm not only designing digital products... Actually I'm interested and try to get my toes wet in many aspects of design. Designing websites, apps, posters, book covers, wine labels (more soon), logos, brands and more and more. Like I've already mentioned... This is a never ending universe.

From time to time, you will be hearing more from me, talking about design and the fascinating art of creating. But for now, I have to say thank you for reading this! If you want to contact me or have any questions, feel free to contact me on Twitter. Otherwise, you will be hearing soon from me. Cheers! And keep doing awesome things!

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