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August 06, 2017

Two forces in perfect harmony, powerful and hard to master. No, I don't talk about Ying and Yang. I'm talking more about two core elements of digital products. Two elements that are fascinating myself. Design and Development (coding). The art of understanding, concept and create the idea of a digital product, combined with the power to write it down, line by line and finally ship it. Having something out there, created by yourself. That's what thrives me. And in the next two articles, I want to bring you my view to this two magical elements a bit closer.

In this little word chaos, we're going to get nerdy. Now fear. We won't get our hands dirty with code today (but maybe in the future). Nor we will explore the Matrix. Rather I will show you my path in coding and software development. How I got into it, why I'm loving it, past projects, lessons learned, my mindset when it comes to coding and also how (and why) I've specialized in a specific area. So my dear friend, grab the reading glasses and come closer!

The start of an epic friendship

Well, what should I say... It's kind of a classic story: I've fallen in love early with computers and the whole universe around it. Played a lot of games, made awesome 90s word art within documents and spent more and more time in front of the bright screen. You have to know... I'm a really curious human being, asking a lot of questions. I always want to understand what I'm actually doing. So I've dug myself behind the scenes of software. Classic entry level mistake: Start with the hardest thing! So I've tried games development with C++. After a while, I was really frustrated but after some time, the code and I became familiar... We got to know each other pretty well through some first projects in school. And then it was clear. I have to do "something" with computers after school. Hammering out crazy cool lines of code and doing all nighters in front of screens. Hell yeah, that sounded cool!

Diving into it

After some research, I've decided to study business informatics in my hometown. It was always and is still very important to me, that I can do something practical with the skills I've learned at university. This was the main reason why I've done a mixture of working at a software development company and classic university education.

In my 3 years of university, I've made first experiences with Java programming and Computer Science concepts. There were also some first little projects, but nothing too special. After a while, there was one class that has fascinated me until today. Mobile Development. Damn, that thing was amazing. Building software that you always carry around in your pocket on your smartphone. Amazing opportunities and possibilities to make an impact on the daily life we live. I've straight jumped into first Android projects and we did some pretty cool stuff in class and outside of it! I've wanted to keep working in the mobile area!

Moonshots with apps!

But after my Bachelor graduation I've didn't got a job in App Development directly (Well there was pretty cool other stuff, but that's another story). Nevertheless, I've wanted to keep my self up to date and become a little app nerd. With the start of the year 2017, I've decided to commit myself to the #100DaysOfCode Challenge. You can read here more about it. That was what lit the fire! Now I'm going all in on the mobile stuff, specializing myself in the iOS side of things (because I'm also a little Apple nerd I guess). In this 100 days, I've done a lot of things with Swift, Sprite Kit, CocoaTouch and all the other things.

Today and tomorrow

Today I can say that I'm in a pretty great position where I can try out a lot of things in an innovation hub for an insurance company here in Germany. Prototyping apps on different platforms, get in contact with startups (getting to know the business side is also important ;)).

And oh, the awesome friendship of the code and myself continues until today. We are in contact daily! Working together through the nights. In the past, we've also decided that we want to learn more. So... I'm starting my Master Degree now in September to learn even more awesome stuff and dive deeper into the world of weird magic text lines on screens with my buddy. This will be awesome! Of course, I will keep you up to date!

Well, that was it, my little journey in and with the code. I know, I tend to drift away in my thoughts pretty often and fast, but I guess the main message was clear :) I'm looking forward to tell you something about the other side, the design world, really soon. Come back! I'm really appreciating this! Keep up to date with me or contact me on Twitter.

Thank you for reading this!

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