April 04, 2018

tl;dr I feel amazing after a few months of journaling and I will definitely continue it!

So, after some months it is time to press the review button ⏪ and reflect on the stuff that has happened here. First of all, I really like the new format I’ve set for myself 👍 These little ‚journal‘ posts are just some simple updates of things I’m learning and things that concern me. I have not written a longer blog post in the past few months, but there are already some ideas for that 💡 I just want the blog posts to be more ‚polished' than in the past and that’s why I’ve decided to take more time in this part 🚀

But man, I love the mini updates. It is just an amazing form of content and is a ton of fun. And you know what? I want to continue it. Maybe I even want to do a little more 😱 That’s why I thinking about to start a little podcast in exactly the same format. Just with little updates from my journey in learning in the world health, productivity, sports and digital products. But I will go more into detail in another post 🤓

This time I also have something to share. It’s a little blog post about the benefits of journaling and it is an amazing piece of inspiration. An inspiration that also led me to the process of keeping a daily journal. Check it out!

Oh, and of course Keep Creating. Peace ✌️

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