January 2020

February 02, 2020

tl;dr The first month of the new year is already over. I've made a lot of progress on my thesis and started new ideas and projects.

Wow... 1/12 of the new year is already over. To get into the rhythm of blogging a bit more again, I'll try to make a little review of every month. This mainly consists of the events that have happened in the last month and the things I want to accomplish for the next one.

Results and Insights

With the start of every new month, I'm taking a look at my yearly goals and try to pursue them in any possible way. One of them is reading a book each month. In January, I've read Start With Why by Simon Sinek. Definitely one of my favorites already! There are a lot of great lessons with a strong connection to practical application. The most important key message for me was to ask myself more times WHY I'm actually doing something. Not what I'm doing and not how I'm doing it... but why? Already this little trick helps a lot with focusing. I've already picked up another book! It's called The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger, the current CEO of the Walt Disney company. The first half is actually about the life story of Iger, but I've already picked out some exciting stuff. It puts a strong focus on management and building / changing a company but in a very honest and practical way. I'm really excited for the second half and how the book will develop!

Furthermore, I've made a ton of progress for my thesis project. This really was the main focus of this month, and I've wanted to get done as many things as possible here! Now the hardest part is done, and I have to put more focus on cleaning things up and refining some chapters.

Two things did not work out quite well this month. In December, I got the opportunity to join a Udacity course about Edge AI development. Actually, pretty exciting stuff, and I've really wanted to dig deeper into it. The truth is... I had to cancel the course. I think that's not tragically. Of course, it's super exciting stuff, but I've realized that I have to be honest and need to put my energy in the things that really matter. This course was one thing that would be too much for me. Besides work and writing the thesis, another big project would drain my energy. Even if it's interesting to me. Sometimes fewer goals with more focus are more efficient than many purposes, with only 50% of the energy put into them.

Additionally, I've learned that intermittent fasting does not quite work with my training schedule. I've done the 16:8 fasting model during the entire month, with 2-3 exceptions. Mainly due to the lack of energy after a hard workout. Recently the preparations for the racing season started. Because I'm an early riser, all my workouts take place between 6am, and 8am. Waiting with breakfast until 10am or 11am is just not maintainable when it's a hard or high-intensity session. This does not mean that I completely stop the intermittent fasting. I've just learned that I must be more flexible and adapt the approach to my schedule. Interestingly doing a late breakfast is no problem for me now, and I really got a lot of benefits from it.

Next Month

In the next month, I have a lot of travel to do for work, but I think it will be super exciting. The second half of February will be much quieter, and I can focus on some other things again. One of them is definitely finishing the already mentioned book. I also really want to finish my thesis as much as possible. Getting this project out of my head would be amazing! In the world of sports, my new training plan for the first half marathon of the year finally starts. I'm super excited about it and can't wait to get back to speed work! And if there is enough time, I want to make some adjustments for the website. I have some things in my head for a little update. But that's not the primary focus. It's more of a nice to have.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to an exciting month. Let me know what you're thinking about those reviews and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter!

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