Insurathon 2018

July 03, 2018

tl;dr Went to a hackathon again and it was just an amazing weekend!

The last one was some time ago now. And I thought: Man, you need to go to a hackathon again! 💪 And boy, this was a unique one! 😍Last weekend I was one of the 46 participants of the Insurathon 2018 organized by the SV Sparkassen Versicherung (which I’m also working for). The task was simple: Hack yourself through the night and design the insurance of tomorrow. Oh and do that within 28 hours, please. 🚀 But it was just a very special event. Perfectly organized with so many great people and even greater ideas. But what did I actually do there? Well, it was not me alone (that would be crazy by the way). I had a really talented team with 4 hackers and me and we had so much fun! Yes, actually no sleep, but so much fun! Our idea was to build a platform for everything around events. And what about insurance? Well, we integrated something like a microinsurance perfectly suited for the dangers the might happen on that particular event. We really put a lot of effort into our prototype and branding and developed a pretty nice mobile app for Android and iOS. 📱 After the first pitch on Sunday evening, 5 of 11 teams moved to the finals on Monday night. And you know what? We were one of them! 😱 That was already crazy, there were so many great teams and I think it was a very hard decision for the jury. But boy, things get even crazier now. The finals really kicked ass! Every team improved again their product and their pitch and everyone was a dream. And then it was time for the decision… and you know what?! TWO PRICES!!! TWO! First, the crowd voting price and then an amazing 3rd place. Afterward, we were just in heaven and had a great time! 🎉

Thank you for everything! And thanks to everyone who made this event possible and was a part of it. I hope this won’t be the last. See you guys at the next one.

Keep Creating ✌️

PS: Images can be found on my Instagram Highlight page 👨‍💻

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