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March 22, 2018

tl;dr HUGE Inspiration from indie makers this week. Want to kick off stuff now! 🚀🚀🚀

The last post was about digital products and this post will also play in this world... Will this be a streak? 🤔 Maybe... But let's get to the important stuff. Last time I said that I'm stoked by digital products again and can't wait to ship something. So I surfed the web a bit 🏄‍♂️ (do you still can say 'surfing the web' in 2018?) and found some pretty amazing stuff and people I want to share here.

First of all: ProductHunt. 🤯 I think a lot of people know it and from time to time I've checked it already in the past. But daaaamn, you can dig some DIAMONDS 💎 here. It's also a great platform for discovering trends and user needs. I've now installed a chrome extension so that everytime I'm opening a new tab I'm getting some cool trending products 😏 Be careful, you can get lost here veeery easily.

Second: The COMMUNITY 🗣 Some years ago this so-called 'Indie Hackers' movement started. And I found the whole mentality around it pretty fascinating 😍 Building a product or side project from the ground up in a very lean approach very fast, ship it, get feedback, improve, monetize, automate and start from beginning again. And again 🚀 Not being dependent and bootstrapping 100% is the core here. A great community with a lot of fascinating people is the platform IndieHackers. Where you can find a ton of stuff about all this. Oh and bonus: There is also a podcast to which I've subscribed immediately!

Third: Some INSPIRATION 💡 A few days back I've discovered the MAKEBOOK 🙏 on ProductHunt. Written by one of the greatest digital makers himself, Pieter Levels 👨‍💻 I just wrote some pages for a little break and I'm already hooked because of the great insights and experiences! This will definitely be one of the next reads in my 100 Days Of Reading challenge! And now? Get out and create awesome stuff! 🔥🔥🔥

Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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