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November 11, 2018

tl;dr Moved all my ideas to a structured Trello process and love to think about old diamonds

You’re sitting on the bus 🚌, listening to some music and out of nothing there it is. An idea for something 💡. A product, a problem to solve or just something you put out there in the world. You know that feeling. But what to do now? All the time I’ve just put these babies in my external brain aka my notebook 📓. And I was pretty fine with that. From time to time I’ve just taken a look into the pages and refined some of them or killed old ones. But recently, I’ve faced a problem. The list grew big. Too big actually. And there was no structure in it. Just a list of hundreds of entries. So I really needed to fix this. 🤦‍♂️

And for that, I’ve re-discovered an old tool I’m loving again. Trello. Yep, I’m organizing my ideas on Trello now 😍. How? Let me explain: As you might know Trello is organized in a way of lists from left to right. Each list can contain several cards and they’re stacking up vertically. It actually looks like a digital scrum or kanban board if you’re familiar with that. For my ideas I have the following lists on my board:

  • Just a thought
  • Thought about multiple times
  • Serious Idea / Validation
  • Working on
  • Success
  • Failed

And right from the first glance. This sounds pretty easy, right? And it is 😏. Every idea first lands in the „Just a thought“ list where it typically stays for a while. If it sounds interesting and keeps singing in my head it moves one forward. And then again. I try to keep the lists on right rather minimal with less content. After a successful validation and maybe feedback from some kind of MVP I’m deciding to work on exactly that idea. Nothing more. Only one idea at the time. Minimize work in progress you know. The last two lists are more of an analytical kind, so I’m having an overview of what failed and what succeeded. 🚀

All in all, I’m really in love with this new approach of structuring my ideas. Let’s see what diamonds will evolve from there, because I’ve found some pretty cool ones from the past. Sidenote here: Take a look into all your ideas on a regular basis. There are some hidden champions! 🏆

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