The Hook Model

July 11, 2018

tl;dr Want to build a killer app like Instagram? Well, the hooked model is the way to go to build a habit-forming product

As you might know, I'm digging all stuff related to product design and indie software development lately. It's like a crazy obsession and I try to learn as much as possible! 🤓 And oh boy, I've found a diamond now. 💎Within my 100DaysOfReading challenge, I came across a book that is, in my eyes, a masterpiece! It's called Hooked and it describes how to build habit-forming products. 🚀To do this it introduces the so-called hooked model, a cycle of experience designed to connect the user's problem to a solution frequency high enough to build a habit. This model consists of 4 simple phases: Trigger, Action, Variable Reward, and Investment. First, it sounded like dark magic 🧙‍♂️, but it's unbelievable how much value you find in here. It's like a crazy ninja boot camp for product designers. And actually, there are a lot of habit-forming products around us. They often start as a "nice to have" but then really become an essential part of your daily life. Just think of Facebook or Instagram. 🔥

And how are such products building habits? Well, first of all, they start with a trigger. An "itch" of the user, that must be scratched! Here you'll find the need to use the product. Afterward, the user needs to do some kind of action. Why is he doing that? Well, in anticipation for a reward. Et voilà we're already in phase 3! Now it's time for a little reward BUT keep this variable. That's why users are coming back. Now the user is asked for a tiny bit of investment to make a return to the product even more likely. Because, if you put some time into something, you value it more, right? Also, the investment phase loads the next trigger, and BAM you're in the hook cycle. Slowly but sure, a habit is formed. Trust me, the book is crazy. 🤯

Keep Creating✌️

PS: I'm talking more about the Hook Model in my Podcast!

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