What's on my homescreen

June 27, 2018

tl;dr Homescreens are so fascinating to me! And the fun part: You’ll find every time the same 3 apps

You know what fascinates me? Other peoples home screens of their mobile devices! 😱 And I have to be honest, sometimes I take a sneak peek onto peoples phones in the tram. 🙊 But as a designer and developer, I neeeeed this. In some kind of way, a home screen tells also a bit about a person, I think. 🤔 You immediately can see what they are using and what concerns them. And the fun part is: You find the same 3 categories of apps on EVERY HOME SCREEN. ALWAYS. 🧐 Somehow those are the 3 fundamental needs of every human when it comes to smartphone use. And those 3 categories are: Drumroll please: 🥁 Communication, Entertainment, Utility. Every time.

And because I’m looking at home screens all the time, here is a sneak peek into mine, with my favorite apps: 📱 Google Photos (must have for those storage hackers out there!), HackerNews, Pocket, PocketCasts, Spotify, Things3, Twitter, Medium, Evernote aaaand some system apps. Have fun with that! Maybe you found something interesting. What are your favorite home screen apps?

Oh btw: Changing your home screen layout has such an amazing effect on how we use our smartphone! That’s incredible! Try it out! 😱

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btw: a more detailed description can be found on my podcast

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