Getting some headspace

January 10, 2018

After some baby steps in the last months I’ve finally decided to give headspace a full and long lasting try! My meditation praxis was… well… just not that regular as I wanted it to be. But I think a tool 🔧 like headspace will support me quite well! Just to be clear. You don’t need to use Headspace or any other tool on the market. I just found out that it works really well for me and my needs and so you should do, too. For me personally, it is important to establish a good and consistent meditation practice for a calmer 2018. I’m only a few days in with at least 2 regular meditation sessions a day and I’m feeling different. More calm but at the same time more energized 💪. I can concentrate longer and focus better on my tasks and environment. I think it is very important to keep a clear mind, especially for people who are working with their head 💡. Think of it like a muscle. And like every muscle it must be trained and kept healthy to gain full potential. What’s missing now? Using the energy to create! 🚀 Give it a try. You can only profit from it Keep creating awesome stuff! ✌️ THIS IS NOT AN AD

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