Fear of missing out

October 03, 2018

tl;dr cut 20% of the things you’re consuming and relax a bit. I promise it you won’t miss anything

Checking news here, subscribe to a new youtube channel there, oh a new podcast, follow a new person, more notifications, the view later playlists gets longer and longer, the unread count increases. You know that feeling, right? 😱 Running after news, information, and things you want to watch. I know that myself and recently I’ve thought about it. Actually, it is a pretty known thing in our modern times and it’s called ‚Fear of Missing Out‘, short FOM. 🤓 And it is exactly that, the fear of missing something. The fear of losing some kind of information. And actually, that’s pretty scary when you think of it. Consuming everything and being up to date all the time?! That MUST be exhausting. And it is. 😵

I’ve recently discovered for myself that my podcast feed grew on 43 subscribed podcasts. 43!!! That’s actually more than 4 hours of podcast stuff EVERY FUCKING DAY! Nobody can listen for 4 hours each day to podcasts 🤯. Additionally, my subscribed newsletter increased drastically and I’m checking Instagram all the time on the hunt of new stories and news. With the help of some digital health tracking tools like the new screen time features on iOS12 I’ve tracked the numbers over some period of time and THAT was scary. A want to check more news than I have time for doing that actually. But then it somehow clicked in my head. 🧙‍♂️ YOU CAN’T consume everything. You miss something. All the time. And it’s totally ok if you miss something. Actually, I’m in the position now where I can say that 80% of all notifications of things are unnecessary. I made some intense cuts, limited a ton of apps and totally changed my behavior in a very sudden way.

And you know what? I’m not missing anything. 🙏 Get it in your head that you just cannot be up to date all the time. That you cannot hunt after every notification. There is much more to do and actually, there are also a ton of things that make more fun. I’m not saying that you should live like some kind of digital monk. But cutting 20% of all the things you consume: videos, podcasts, blogs, newsletters… won’t hurt you. 🙊 Trust me. And if you don’t trust me, trust Tim Ferris. He says that too! You feel more productive and you really won’t miss a thing. You have time to create the things you want and pursue the things you want to. So take a step back. 🚀

And keep creating ✌️

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