February 2020

March 05, 2020

tl;dr Besides two new books, this month has shown me how essential habits are and that I really want to learn something new again

Okay, guys! Another month, another review! Slowly getting back into the blogging game. BTW... I'm thinking about changing the structure of the blog again and making some room. In the past, the posts were super small and more journal like. So I'm currently thinking about separating them or combining them into little nuggets. Anyways, let's get to this month's review!

Results & Insights

February, oh February. The shortest month of the year, but still so much to do. This month has started with a lot of traveling and short trips at work. A presentation here, a conference there, and another workshop somewhere else. You know the game. In the past month, I've really worked on my routine and my habits in the morning. By being on the road, I've realized when my environment changes, my habits do not work. Somehow my setup was so strictly connected to my natural environment that it was super hard to keep up with. But I'm glad that I've made this experience. It has shown me that it's vital to focus on the fundamental parts of the morning. What makes you happy? What gives you energy? By asking those questions, I've cut some things out and focused on the core! Feels pretty good now!

Additionally, the training for my first big running event this year has started. And the first three weeks were just perfect. Sad thing: I've injured. That's so frustrating. For some days, my energy was at level -100. Not being able to run really gnaws on me and somehow burdens the mind. There is this constant thought in the back of the head... What's when I'm not ready? Will I make it to the starting line? My fitness is decreasing. I've learned that I really need to stop this. Sports should not be another stress factor in life. It should give energy, not drain it to zero! Currently, I'm taking everything as it is... working on recovery and keeping the fitness with other endurance workouts. And still, if I won't recover to the race day... the next one will come!

In the world of books, I've also made significant progress! I've actually read also 2 books this month! Firstly, I've read The Ride of a lifetime by Robert Iger, the current CEO of the Walt Disney Company. Okay, well, shortly after talking about the book in a new podcast episode, Iger has stepped back as CEO, but still, the book was pretty damn good! A lot of insights from Iger's professional life and journey as CEO. I really like the approach of not being a set of rules for managers and instead of showing guiding principles and lessons from practice. It also gives you a very new view of the creative industry and what Disney is actually doing. Damn, that blew my mind! Anyways, I can recommend the book to everyone interested in Disney, management, and organization! The second book of the month was Pre: The story of America's Greatest Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine. I picked this one up because I've heard so much about Pre. But actually, never really get to know the story or the person. The book is very closely related to running. It tells the stories of Pre's races and journey in the world of running. There is not really much to learn, but if you're interested in the story of Pre or in running generally, it's definitely worth a read.

Next Month

Okay, so pretty much done this month. What's up for the next one? In February, I've noticed that I'm a lot more distracted recently. I don't know really why, but somehow it's harder for me to find my focus and to get into the flow. Sometimes it's the phone and sometimes just a little thought in my head that distracts me from getting the current things done. So maybe I'll get back to doing some mindfulness work and mediation. Actually, that's a super exciting topic, but I don't want to force myself to meditate or set some goals. I think that's not the purpose of it. Maybe I'll find a way to make it part of my routine.

Additionally, I've already picked up a new book! Indistractible by Nir Eyal. Nir wrote some of my all-time favorite books, called Hooked: How to build habit-forming products. It's such an exciting story and has a lot of practical insights for product design. But somehow, all the bings and buzzes in our world distract us. A lot of digital products use our triggers and cognitive limitation to pull all of our attention into the feeds and timelines of this world. I'm super excited about the new book! This one was a really long time on my want to read list, and I think this month is the perfect time to pick it up!

Furthermore, I really want to ship my thesis this month. We're on the home stretch now, and this month, the finish line is in sight. Only small corrections now, then print it, ship it off, and calling it done! Actually, I'm super excited about this month. I'm going to start a new position at my job, but I will tell you everything you need to know about it in some future blog post. That's it. Let's get back to work.

Have a great month.

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