Designing Freedom

March 03, 2018

tl;dr Amazing trip to Helsinki and the Designmuseum there blew my mind 😍

The last week was amazing! I did a small trip to cold and beautiful Helsinki (really man, it was so fucking cold with an icy wind that made you feel like a little snowman☃️ I will never again complain about the cold here in Germany). Besides the wonderful time, 2 things FASCINATED me 💯

Digital Services everywhere! Really, you could do everything digitally and every service was perfectly designed and had a goal driven but playful experience 🤙

DESIGN MUSEUM 😍 Damn boy that was amazing! We had the luck that there is a brilliant exposition at the moment, called California: Designing Freedom. With a lot of amazing stuff from the Silicon Valley. The first Macs, iPhones, design frameworks, cultural movements and technological evolutions 🖥 And I’ve just realized. TECH IS SO FUCKING YOUNG. I mean… first iPhone 10 YEARS! That’s actually nothing. Just take a detailed look back and you realize, so many great inventions and developments over the last years. I’m so hyped for the future and can’t wait what the next big thing will be. Now making sure to get out and put your footstep in the world. Just one thing: 🙏

Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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