Experiencing Design Thinking

November 08, 2018

tl;dr Went out for a month, experienced design thinking and learned a ton of stuff.

Puh, people. It’s been a while. Some time ago I’ve found myself writing here every single week, sometimes even multiple times per week 😱 Writing became less somehow, but on the other hand, my podcast is really doing well and it makes so much fun talking in a microphone 🎙You can check out my weekly podcast updates here. But that’s actually another topic. Today I want to tell you something about design thinking. Well, actually about experiencing it and what I’ve learned from that 🚀

Oh no 🤦‍♂️ another stupid methodology you think? Well, let me tell you, this time it’s a bit different. And don’t worry I’m not going to talk about the theoretical stuff and every little phase of DT (that’s how the cool people call it I guess? 😏). Generally, Design Thinking is an iterative approach to solve problems through continuous generating, testing and validating ideas💡One central aspect is the diverging and converging thing which means that you generate a lot of ideas and then narrow done to one specific one. First killing it with quantity, but afterwards kicking it with quality, you know? 👌

But let’s come to the exciting part. I was recently part of a 1-month long design thinking and lean software engineering project from my university. And nope, it was not about getting through boring stuff in a classroom 😴 It was exactly the opposite. Getting out, gather feedback, validate, learn, iterate and a lot more. I really learned a ton of stuff here 🤓 and I can’t wait to apply it to my own projects. We started with a very open challenge and a leap of faith hypothesis. Then it was time to test this one. Because of early feedback we’ve decided to pivot and change our focus of the product. And after some iterations, we came up with a very cool vision and a lot of people liked the idea. Afterwards it was time to get the hands dirty and develop an MVP 👨‍💻, but still validating each feature we've developed. Business Model innovation, User Story Maps, BML, Continuous Feedback… we’ve got to know everything. But not on the theoretical side, rather on the practical side. That was I was looking for and where you actually learn stuff. By experiencing it. 💪

Here are my 3 key takeaways. 1. A good team can turn a bad idea good 2. Validate EVERYTHING and learn to love feedback. Even negative one 3. Ship early and don’t be afraid

Now, go out and experience it. 💯

Oh, and Keep Creating ✌️

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