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February 10, 2019

tl;dr did my first mini design thinking workshops at work and love the vibes. Generating ideas together feels like a machine of creativity

I’ve talked about this thing already some time ago. This super cool method where you formulate problems, understand them and generate crazy cool ideas and come up with a great prototype in the end. I'm talking about design thinking. 🚀 This year, one of my goals is to really dive deeper here and gain some more practical experience. 🤓 And all that, from the coaching side. 👨‍💻 And in the last few weeks, I did exactly that! We did a little mini-event series at work and I got the opportunity to do a little workshop. I did some kind of "design thinking in 15 minutes" workshop together with my colleagues. Just to get to know the method and to get the brain speaking. 🧠 And that's what we have done! A super cool and creative idea generation session. The funny thing is, that so many people say that they're uncreative but at after 5 minutes, they come up with the craziest ideas! 💡

Anyways, creativity is an interesting thing. In my opinion, every single one of us is creative and has some creative potential. You just need to work those muscles. Maybe that's a thing for the next post 🤔

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