Write it in your calendar

May 20, 2018

tl;dr The most important tool I’ve found for my time management is my calendar.

You know what? I should listen more to wise men like Tim Ferris, Carl Pullein or David Allen 😍. One of the most important parts of my life as a student, maker and passionate athlete is time management. There are so many things to do and it can sometimes be quite hard to manage all of them within 24 hours 🤯. BUT HEY, there are tools for that right? Well, actually selecting a bunch of tools will not solve the problem magically. The things you need are rules 🔥! End they should be as simple as possible. AND I FOUND THE MOST POWERFUL. And it is the most simple, too. With a tool, that every one of us is actually already using. A calendar 📅 (well, if you don’t use a calendar by now, you definitely should!). Just keep one rule in your mind: IF IT’S IN MY CALENDAR IT GETS DONE! 🚀 Et voilá, a powerful but simple rule. The calendar has everything I need. Time to choose and set a task to do. Just a simple mind shift can sometimes work wonders. Assign actions to your calendar and stick to the things that exist in your calendar. You will get stuff done, I promise. 💪

Now go out and Keep Creating✌️

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