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March 17, 2018

tl;dr Very interesting in a professional content of building products + attended a nice meetup!

You know what? I love digital products! 😍 Okay, if you’re reading my content only slightly regularly, you already know that. I’m just fascinated by crafting things out of nowhere and I think the digital world is just amazing for this purpose. 🚀 In the past, I’ve just started stuff and didn’t thought about it (well, sometimes you should not overthink stuff and just kick ass! 💯) But at the moment I’m very interested in all this product design and product management world. I’m doing some lectures at University right now about this and the theoretical background is actually really nice! 📚 BUT of course, it is really important to DO THINGS 💪. That’s why I’m trying a lot of stuff from the theoretical side with my new side project, at what should I say? Until now, things are going quite good!

I also went to a meetup this week about product development at the wonderful office of getsafe (btw: amazing and fresh insurance product, you should CHECK IT OUT! ). It is always nice to talk to some people in a relaxed atmosphere and speak about your experiences. 🙌 So TIL: Try going to more meetups! (Huge thanks to the getsafe team! ) I’m very excited how the things with my side project are going to develop in the near future. 🚀 And of course, I’ll keep you up to date.

Keep creating. Peace ✌️

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