Bits & Pretzels 2019

October 06, 2019

tl;dr went to Munich for some days, enjoyed the bits&pretzels conference, met Obama and got heavily inspired by all the people and keynotes

O’zapft is! 🍻 Those are actually the most important words when you’re visiting Munich around October… but not this time! Almost at the same time as the Oktoberfest, the bits & pretzels conference is taking place in Munich. This year, already for the fifth time! A brutal line up of speaker, young and talented people, and a super cool program? Yap! Count me in! And so I’ve decided to attend #bits19 to meet some new people and to take home some new impulses. In a nutshell: Mission accomplished!

As I’ve already said… bits & pretzels 🥨 is a modern conference for founders, startups, digitization, and innovation. Sounds like an exciting mix? Well, you’re totally right! I was one of the 5000 participants, and the people were totally crazy! I mean nearly every kind of industry was represented! Automobiles, logistics, banking and insurance… choose yourself! And besides small and young startups also giants like google did some super cool keynotes and workshops! 🛠

Highlight? Of course, the speaker line up! I mean… Reid Hofman, Drew Houston, Dave Limp, Jessica Alba… that’s suuuper impressing. And of course, inspiring at the same time! But a man played in a different league. Because the conference was opened by Barack Obama himself. Yep, you heard right. Barack Obama! 🤯A selfie with the former president was unfortunately not in it, but a speech and discussion round full of inspiration! This was such a crazy moment (you have to know… I’m from Europe, so listening to a former president of the US is a bit special for me)

The most important message from all those special days? Build stuff that matters! We do not need another startup to make a healthy fitness bar! We need something with an impact. Something that moves and changes something! And above all, something from Europe! 🚀 All in all, it was 3 amazingly inspiring and informative days! I'm taking a lot of it into our everyday life and let it flow into my work. If you want to know more, just approach me or DM me via Instagram or Twitter! (yoomarvin)

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