100 Days of Code

April 30, 2017

For a lot of people, it is totally essential to start the new year with some kind of new years resolution. So, let’s do that! But you might already know that there is always that problem with not finishing the things you wanted to do. I’ve wanted to make sure to accomplish something! And the #100DaysOfCode challenge was the exactly right instrument for that!

Wait, what is this?

Well, actually it is pretty simple. You just sit down every day for at least one hour and code. It’s not important what you’re coding, or in which area of tech. Just overcome that fear of starting and do it. Oh, and the most important part is to make your progress public. For me this channel was Twitter. And I also made a public GitHub repository for every project I’ve made. There is also an official repository you can fork and contribute to. This is the heart of the challenge. It is kind of a diary for your projects. And after 100 days it is amazing to look back.

I’ve decided to join this journey and it was the best thing I could have done!

It is really unbelievable what you can archive with just one hour each day. I think it is just really important to commit yourself. The power of habit you know? Consistency is key here!

But I have to admit, the first few days were hard. But after a slight shift in the mindset, I was really enjoying my daily coding hour and the work with my little projects. And you know what? I will definitely continue the path of this journey! Well, not 1 hour every day, but I will continue some of the projects and make them better.

I’ve learned so many things here! I refreshed basically all my web development knowledge with the bitcoin checker and some FreeCodeCamp projects. I got to know Node.js, an awesome technology. And I’m now really comfortable with Swift and iOS development, where I’ve built so many great things. The Hex Color converter, Quoty my little quote app, apps with speech input and even more stuff. That part was so much fun! 100%, I will do more here. I’ve sat my goal on developing an awesome little app or a game and publish at in the App Store. That would be so great!

But apart from all that coding stuff I also learned a lot about myself and act of starting things. All the time I had awesome ideas in the back of my head, but I never started them. But in the last 100 days, I totally lost that. I just lost that fear of starting something. There is an awesome quote that says, if you aren’t ashamed of your first version of the product, you are too late. This is what thrives me now. Just start the things. Build it. Do it. The rest will come.

Even more awesome was just one thing

The community. The contact with other people, building their projects and the daily work they were showing. I have to say thank you to every single one of you! You kept me motivated! You made this all possible.

I just can give everybody the advice to go on this journey for this amazing 100 days. Just do it. Just start your ideas. Bring them to life.

Thank you. I will be coming back.

If you are interested in my projects just check out my GitHub, my nice little overview app, or contact me on Twitter @yOoMarvin

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