About me

👋 I'm a product designer, podcaster and writer living in Mannheim, Germany.

Currently doing my master's degree at the University of Mannheim, writing my thesis. Besides that I'm building a tech innovation team at SparkassenVersicherung. I mainly work on digital products in the insurtech domain from start to finish and solve problems with the help of technology and design.

Before that I’ve studied business informatics at the DHBW in Mannheim and developed my own little projects.

Beside that, I enjoy spending time to the next generations of designers and developers. Learning a lot of awesome things and create wonderful projects with talented people.

In my spare time I am a passionate endurance athlete. I also like to visit awesome places with awesome people. A dog and some human friends are also involved in my life. Both groups are very nice to me.

How can I help?

I love helping designers, engineers, and founders in any way I can. I like to do this in two ways:

1. My Twitter DMs are open. Let me know how I can help, ideally with specific questions or problems you're working through. I can be helpful in thinking about job interviews, product presentations, design work, working at startups vs. large companies, being a developer/designer hybrid, working in the open source community, building side projects, and podcasting. If I don't reply right away, please follow up – sometimes things slip through the cracks! But I'll do my best to reply quickly.

2. If you find yourself in Mannheim, I'd love to meet you for coffee. I like to do this on Wednesday afternoons each week, for about an hour. Just shoot me an email or DM on Twitter and we can find a time. This hour will be most productive if there are specific questions or problems you’d like to talk about. Of course, I won't always have answers, but I think I can be a helpful listener and bounce questions back at you to hopefully provide logical next steps to pursue. If you’d rather just meet and chat casually, that’s fine too!

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