tl;dr starting something new on my blog and my podcast!

Oh boy, here it is. You know how I’ve said that it’s good to take a break in summer to refuel and come back with full energy? Well, I did this to 100 %! And I’m coming back to try something new. After I’ve done a blog post and podcast episode about the Hook Model and learning a ton of more stuff about digital products (and design) I really fell in love with the idea of exploring digital products in a more focused way. And I’ve thought: Well, that’s what you have your little blog and podcast for, do that there! And boy, it’s happening.

Long story, short. I’m going to start a little design review, exploration thing. How will this think exactly look? Well, I have no freaking clue, to be honest. But I’ve thought about doing a little step by step or rather screen by screen analysis with some digital products or functions of them. Maybe even try to incorporate my knowledge from the Hook Model. Of course, it won’t be some way of critique. Because for a design critique you firstly need far more knowledge than I have and secondly, you need a lot of data to understand the decisions that were made by a design time. I rather want to focus on a general perspective from the top. Thinking about the concept, the value, the problem that should be resolved. That’s what I’m wanting to dig.

And this stuff will start shortly! Stay tuned and keep an eye on my blog and my podcast

Keep Creating ✌️