tl;dr I’ve redesigned some stuff on my website again, to make space for new things

You know that feeling? That you have to take a look back and check if everything is going fine? 🙄 Well, after some time it was time to do exactly that for my website. Some time ago I’ve done a big shift for my website and decided to focus more on those little journal entries and small form blog posts. 💪 But in addition to that, I’ve still wanted to do some longer form essays. Ok, I have to admit, that idea with the essays failed completely. 😂 But I’ve really learned something from that. I love this short format posts and those longer posts don’t work for me. The term for essays was also a bit… undefined. I need a clear goal. And you know what? I have one! 😏

Last post I’ve already mentioned that I’m going to write a bit more about design. So with a little change in content, there comes also a little change in the page structure to make things a bit easier to access. It isn’t a big redesign like last time, but hey, at least something right? And I’m really happy with the new approach. 👏 Let’s call it version 2.1. Let’s see what comes next. Check out my site. Oh and leave some feedback. That would be great. 👍 Anyways…

Keep Creating ✌️

PS: You’re now finding all posts under /journal or with a click on ‘writing things’ !