tl;dr Humans! I’ve done my first design explorations. Check it out, give some love and tell me what you think

Alright! Enough talk, time to do something 💪. Yeah ok, it took me some while but finally, I did it. The first exploration! So, I’m talking about my first design exploration! You know? That thing I’ve talked about in the last blog post? Well in case you’ve missed it: I’m starting to explore digital products in a detailed way. 📱 No matter what, tiny details or whole apps. And now, the first exploration is up in the air 👏 It’s about a very cool and innovative news app called ‚Quartz‘. I’ve really enjoyed the process of digging the app, the design and the concept and thoughts behind it. And boy, I’m excited for more! 🚀

The exploration itself has no real structure, rather I just went with a flow and that’s how I will continue. If it’s a whole app like this one I’m trying to start with the first launch, the onboarding, and the first impression. Afterward, I’m continuing with the core functionality and some nice little extras. For Quartz I’ve also made a little rating from 1-5 🔥 emojis. Maybe I will keep this 🤔 But hey, you never know what’s coming next! I’m looking forward. Until the next one…

Keep Creating ✌️